How to Be Effective While Working or Studying at Home


Happy Friday, everyone!

Today I am sharing five tips on how to stay on task while working or studying at home. I know many people work and study at home, which is why it is important to make your time effective and task-driven. Being a college student, I have always found it difficult to study at home since there are so many distractions. I would always find ten other things to do in order to procrastinate studying until I made a few minor (yet impactful) changes.

  1. Brew yourself a coffee or tea and eat before you even attempt to start working or studying: This is seriously a huge problem. Many people will be ten minutes into working or studying then realize they haven’t had coffee or a meal yet, which automatically becomes a distraction. If you get up ten minutes into studying or working, you have already lost your focus and train of thought and have to start all over again!
  2. Create a quiet work space and a clean desk: Having a quiet work area (away from kids and other distractions) is a major key to staying focused. I know it can be difficult for moms especially, but being in a quiet area helps focus and attention span. Having a clean desk also helps because this allows you to spread out your books, notebooks, papers, and have space for your computer or laptop while working or studying. Having a clean desk also prevents you from wanting to dust and clean while you are working because it will already be clean! I love having an organized work space because I know where everything is and don’t have as many distractions.
  3. Work in a well lit room: This is a very small tip, yet very important. Working in a well lit room prevents you from getting tired and groggy. If possible, working in a room with natural light is the best because your brain responds to natural light and knows to remain alert while natural light is present. If you work in a dim room with no lights on, your brain can release Melatonin and make you think it’s nap time.
  4. Check Facebook, Instagram, text messages, etc. before you start, then PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY: I honestly think my phone is always my #1 distraction and the reason why I procrastinate so much. I always think I’m going to scroll through Instagram or Facebook for ten minutes, which turns into an hour. Keep the distractions out of sight and stay focused.
  5. Make a to-do list: I personally think this is the most important tip. It is so important, like with anything else in life, to write down goals and objectives before you start working or studying. This allows your brain to know how long it has to stay focused before you even start. I also think this helps people stay organized because you sit down and know exactly what needs to occur before finishing. I also find when I do not make a to-do list, I’m just finding random tasks to complete, which is not effective.



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