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Happy Tuesday, loves!
I have some super exciting news to share with all of you! This past month has been filled with new opportunities and I could not be more excited! At the beginning of February, I went in for a job interview at the Center for Health Equity Research at Northern Arizona University (my alma mater) and got hired on the spot! I have been working there for two weeks now and although it has been challenging, it has also been very rewarding. I am so excited to be doing research and starting my career in Public Health. I am so passionate about helping others and I hope my knowledge can eliminate health disparities/create health equity for everyone. I hope to someday work for for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization. I’m seriously such a nerd when it comes to infectious diseases or anything healthcare related, I could learn about it all day long. I took an epidemiology class last fall and I was so excited to go to class because I loved all of the material and loved my professor even more, she is so passionate about teaching and epidemiology. But back to the exciting news, I also met with La Fleur magazine on Monday and will be writing editorials and doing shoots for them soon! I cannot wait, the magazine is so cute and definitely my style. I will be sharing more details with all of you as soon as I know more, but I am already so excited to begin. I have also partnered with Boho Betty USA, which sells the cutest jewelry at an affordable price. If you use the code: SANDYTOESANDSALTYHAIR at check out, you will also receive another 20% off your entire purchase. I am also partnering with JORD Wood Watches, which you have to check out because they are the cutest! I will be promoting their brand on social media through Instagram, Pinterest, and my blog. Finally, my boyfriend and I have been house shopping and are looking to purchase our first home and completely renovate it. I will keep all of you updated with the process, I’m so excited! I just want to thank all of you for the continued support since starting this blogging journey. I just reached my first 1k on Instagram and I am so excited to continue blogging and posting. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or things you want to see on my blog or Instagram, I am always looking for new ideas!

XOXO, Jonica


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