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Happy Tuesday!!

Sorry I have been MIA lately, this past week has been so crazy. I had a job interview on Thursday and I’m still waiting to hear back if I got the job (I’ll keep you all updated)! Right after the interview, my mom, boyfriend, and I drove to LA for vacay! Friday morning, we left for Disneyland first thing in the morning and stayed until the fireworks ended. If you only go for Disneyland, you have to stay for at least twelve hours or you’re not getting the full experience, am I right?! Needless to say, I woke up with sore feet and great memories, which is the best way to wake up after a day at the Happiest Place on Earth. I thought I would share my day with all of you and share my favorite parts of Disneyland, since I’m a huge fan. I mean I love everything about Disneyland, but I do have some favorite parts of the park the most. Shop this look at the end of this post. Simply click on the desired item and you will be redirected to purchase the item on a separate page.


The castle is my all time favorite part of Disneyland. Every time I walk into the park, I immediately look for the castle down Main Street because it gives me that instant magical feeling. I remember staring up at it as a little girl and wishing I could live in the castle with all of the princesses and I still feel the same way now! I love the pink and blue colors with the bridge over the moat, such a beautiful site, and it never gets old.This is the best place to take a picture because it’s the least crowded spot in front of the castle, you never get other people photo bombing the picture, and you can see the full castle, bridge, and moat. Just a quick tip for the next time you go, this is the place to be!


The sword in the stone is my second favorite spot at Disneyland. It’s so underrated, yet so cool! I love how they put this detail within the park. Right behind the sword in the stone is the back of the castle so it’s another perfect place to take pictures. The carousel is also on the other side of the sword in the stone which is also a cute background for pictures. Fantasyland has always been my favorite land in Disneyland because it has all of the classic movie rides and all of the characters. I used to get so excited when I would go on all of the rides in Fantasyland and now I love going here as I am reminded of my younger days.


Churros, churros, churros. If you don’t get at least one churro at Disneyland, did you even really go? But seriously, they are THE best. I have never had a better churro than the churros at Disneyland. I can’t go to the park without getting one. I will sacrifice any diet and any shot at having a beach body for a churro! Haha. If you haven’t had one yet, you must get one during your next visit, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Gotta love the teacups, even though I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them before and during the ride and hate them right after the ride, since I get a little sick after spinning so fast. Disneyland decorated the teacup ride perfectly and it is the absolute cutest ride in the park. I have always loved this ride, especially the pink teacups. Riding the Mad Tea Party is best at night because the lights illuminate all of the teacups.


Last but not least, the fireworks. Disneyland does the best fireworks and they never get old. I love how they do the story line along with the fireworks to make it the ultimate show. The projectors and colors all tie in the fireworks and story together. I also love how they always change up the show so you aren’t seeing the same show every time, all throughout the year. The firework shows during Christmas time are the absolute best since the castle is decorated and has icicles hanging from it, making it even more magical.

If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge Disney fan and always will be. I have always loved going with my family as a little girl and can’t wait to go with my future family. Disneyland is one of those places I will always enjoy and it will never get old. It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth.

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