21 Day Fix and Shakeology Review

Happy Fitness Wednesday, everyone!

I hope you are all having an awesome week and pushing through those long to-do lists for the week! I have had a very busy and productive week, which is always good. I just want to start out by saying that the review I am sharing with you today is my 100% honest opinion of this program. That being said, I’ll jump right into the review. I have always had a difficult time staying motivated at the gym, unless I was playing a sport. I would get bored and lose interest in what I was doing and not push myself as hard, which then led to me losing motivation to even go to the gym. I then started the Kayla Itsines workouts, which I absolutely loved and had amazing results with. They kept me motivated because I had a plan to follow and wasn’t working out for more than 30 minutes. I loved the fast paced workouts with cardio on my days off from the workouts. I then went on a cruise after the program ended and struggled to get back on track with the guides. My friend reached out to me and recommended trying a 21 Day Fix through Beachbody and although I was hesitant, I tried it anyways. I figured, what do I have to lose, they are only 3o minute long exercises for three weeks. So I decided to go all out and buy the package and the Shakeology. Each day is a different workout targeting different muscles for 30 minutes. The only equipment needed is a mat and small weights (or heavy if you’re ripped), which is perfect for people who travel or don’t have access to a gym. All of the workouts are fast paced and make you sweat every single time. The program also comes with containers and a guide to give you guidelines for a healthy eating plan. The containers help you portion everything you’re supposed to eat and the booklet provides recipes and a list of what goes inside the containers (simple right?). The program is also designed to go hand in hand with Shakeology and the shakes are supposed to be used as a meal replacement to provide optimum nutrition. I actually really love the shakes, I got vegan chocolate and it tastes amazing. You’re not supposed to have any cheat days during the three weeks of the program, you are supposed to go all out and stick to the nutrition and exercise program to see the best results. I could lie to you and say I did exactly what I was supposed to, but I didn’t. I had a cheat DAY each week (bad me) and had to do a couple of exercises twice in one day while skipping another day, but I still did them. This program is amazing because it truly works. I know everyone says that about the workout programs they love, but if you put the time and effort into this program, you will see results. I also love how fast I saw results. I’m always so bad with thinking that if I workout once and eat healthy for one day, I should lose ten pounds and have a six pack. No program can do that (if you know of one, let me know), but this program gets you back on track with major results in as little as three weeks, which is pretty amazing. During my 21 Day Fix, I lost a total of 6 pounds and 12 inches! I thought it was amazing for only doing the program for three weeks and having a few cheat meals. I just started the program again and I am going to not eat any cheat meals or skip workouts this time so i am hoping to lose more and see better results. Stay tuned for my round 2 results!

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