Volumized Roots with Rootie the Rootlifter by Voloom

Happy Monday!!

We just returned from a relaxing weekend in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and I can’t wait to share all of the details of our trip with you at the end of the week! Today I am sharing how I volumize my roots with the most handy hair tool. Rootie the Rootlifter is the easiest tool to use and makes such a difference on my hair. I have naturally very flat, straight hair, which makes it difficult to volumize. I usually tease my hair during my regular routine, but this amazing hair tool allows me to add volume to my roots in under five minutes.

Here are before and after pictures of my hair from using Rootie the Rootlifter:



As you can see, my roots are significantly volumized after using Rootie the Rootlifter and I held the tool on my roots for about three seconds in each section.

Rootie the Rootlifter has different heat settings depending on your type of hair, which is great for every hair type.

To get the perfect volume, all you do is:

  1. Set Rootie the Rootlifter to the appropriate temperature depending on your hair type.
  2. Take the very top layer of your hair and put it in a clip or bun.
  3. Grab small sections of dry hair and close Rootie the Rootlifter on the hair, like a crimper. Do not run the hot tool throuh your hair, keep it at the roots only.
  4. After doing all of the desired sections, let your hair down and in minutes, you will have natural looking volume!

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I hope you all have a great week!




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