Blogging Tips and Protective Skins with Caseapp

Who else is so excited it’s a short week because I sure am! It has been such a busy few weeks, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending the weekend in Los Angeles. I first want to share these amazing cases with all of you from Caseapp. I have been looking for matching cases and finally scored these beauties! I have a macbook and iphone 6s and purposely got the smaller laptop case because I wanted a silver border. Caseapp makes skins and cases for all types of phones, laptops, and ipads! You can also customize your own cases and skins by adding pictures or words to your cases, which I love. These cases are not only pretty, they are also tough and protect your mobile devices (I really need this because I’m always dropping my phone). Thanks to Caseapp, I now have the cutest skins on my devices and don’t have to worry about them breaking! Use the code SANDYTOES20 at checkout to receive 20% off your entire purchase.

I have been getting organized for the holidays and thought I would share why I started blogging and tips I have for new bloggers. My one year blogiversary is coming up in January and I am so excited for this mile marker. It has been such a crazy busy year and I am so proud of myself and how far I came. I first started blogging to simply write and de-stress from my busy college schedule. I hadn’t planned on starting a separate Instagram or monetizing my blog at all in the beginning. I have always been into fashion and received compliments on the outfits I would style, which lead to me starting to blog as a hobby. If you look at posts from when I first started my blog, you will know how much I have grown and learned throughout my short time blogging. Although I am not at 10k followers yet, I am more than content and proud of myself because I have genuine followers who actively engage in what I post. I would much rather have engaging followers than fake or uninterested followers simply for the numbers. I currently work 40 hours a week in the healthcare field, try to workout on a daily basis, while also being present in my loved ones lives.

Blogging Tips

  1. If you just show up, you are already halfway there. I used to find it difficult finding out what my followers enjoy the most, but if you just start, it will come to you. Do what makes you happy and your tribe will soon follow.
  2. ENGAGE. This is so so important. As a new blogger, you have to engage with other bloggers by commenting and liking their pictures, blog posts, etc. I have also connected with and made friends with some of the most amazing women through engaging on social media platforms. The more people you reach out to, the more you will be noticed.
  3. Find your niche. This is oftentimes difficult, well it was for me and still can be sometimes. I honestly love so many products and want to share everything I possibly can with my followers, but this can be distracting at times. You have to find out what your readers want to see and promote the products your followers will love.


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