How to Stay Motivated for the New Year and Everything Fitness Related

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Sorry I have been MIA on the blog lately, I have had so much going on between work and applying for grad school. As you might have seen on Instagram, I was in Vail, Colorado last week with my family and we had the best time. It was nice to step away from my crazy busy schedule and spend time playing in the snow. I will be sharing all of the details from my trip sometime next week so stay tuned for that post!

Today I am sharing how to stay motivated for 2018 and how I am staying on track for the new year. As I shared in a recent post, it is easy to make resolutions and difficult to follow through with them. This year, I made it a point to only make resolutions I actually plan on following through with. To reset my body and detox from all of the terrible food I ate during the holidays, I started a 40 day reset the day after I got back from vacation. This 40 day reset is similar to Whole 30 and is a great way to get on track. I also started working out 5 days a week again and I am doing Orange Theory two days a week and Kayla Itsines BBG three days a week. Both workouts are killer and I can’t wait to see how I look and feel after the 40 days are over.

40 Day Reset Food List:

Protein: small compartment in container

Chicken breast

Chicken thighs

Center cut pork loin


90/10 or above grass fed beef/bison

Top sirloin

Top round

tenderloin (beef/pork)

3 eggs = 1 portion

Ground turkey breast (90/10 or above)

Turkey tenderloin

Turkey breast

*No deli meats

*All meats must be skinless

Carbohydrates: small compartment in container



Sweet potato

Butternut squash


Acorn squash


All fruits

Vegetables: Large compartment in container

Leafy greens


Green beans












Brussel sprouts

Fat: 1 tbsp

Grass fed butter

Olive oil

Coconut oil


Avocado oil

Macadamia oil

Homemade dressings


Raw almonds

Raw pecans

Raw walnuts

Raw macadamia nuts

Raw nut butter

*You may drink coffee (I couldn’t give it up), but do NOT use creamers, milk, etc. Only use almond or coconut milk

Below are the 3 compartment containers I use:

To learn more about the Kayla Itsines BBG workouts and pricing click here

To learn more about the Orange Theory workouts and pricing click here

Tips for staying motivated throughout the new year:

  1. MEAL PREP: This is so so so important, I can’t stress it enough. I was never into meal prepping before I started the 40 day reset and thought it was a waste of time. Well guess what, every time I was hungry and needed a quick fix, I would reach for junk food because I had nothing else prepared. I work 40 hours a week and workout after work so I need to have my meals prepared before the day or I won’t eat healthy. Buying the 3 compartment containers and prepping all of my food for the week during the weekends has made eating healthy SO much easier. As they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”
  2. SET A TIME TO WORKOUT EVERYDAY: I workout at the same time everyday because if I don’t go at the same time everyday, I will put it off and not go. I book my Orange Theory classes for the same time every week because it helps me stay consistent and works with my current work schedule. My goal is to start waking up early and go to the gym before work, but I know I perform better at night, which is why I currently go after work. Listen to your body and do what is best for you and your schedule.
  3. USE FITNESS TRACKERS AND APPS: I have an Apple Watch, which I absolutely love and never take off. The Apple Watch, along with many other fitness trackers, alerts me when I’m sitting for too long, tracks my calories, workouts, time standing, and may other features, which all help me stay on track. I also love MyFitnessPal, which counts all of your calories, macros, exercies, etc. on an app for you so you don’t have to write down and analyze everything you eat. I input everything I eat into the app and can add my workouts to my calorie counter as well.

I also wanted to share the most amazing products with you from On Tapp Nutrition!

These products have kept me so energized and focused throughout the day and during my workouts. I was eating a lot of junk food before starting the 40 day reset, which made me very tired when starting this new lifestyle. Using these products has really helped me stay energized for long periods of time and boost my metabolism. The best part is, all of the products are natural and don’t contain harmful ingredients, which is a must for me when buying any supplements.

I highly recommend buying the Brain Boost Bundle which is what I’m holding in the picture above. The Brain Boost Bundle comes with the Focus, Alert, Relaxed supplements and the Smartea Pants green tea mix. Both are dietary supplements geared towards optimizing mental performance and don’t contain any stimulants. Use the code SANDYTOES at checkout for 20% off your entire order!

Last but not least, shop all of my favorite workout gear below. In my opinion, getting a new workout outfit is always motivation:




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