Ella is Five Months Old

Today our Ella girl turns 5 months old! I cannot believe she is already five months old (I know, I sound like a total mom), but it’s so true! To be honest though, she is my little fur baby and I feel like a mom since she requires so much additional work. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. In honor of her turning five months old, I thought I would answer a lot of the messages I received when we got her and answer them on here so other people can see as well. So many of you messaged me about her and I don’t blame you because she is SO cute. She has brought so much joy into our lives and coming home from work to her cute little face every single day makes my day.

1. What breed is she?

Ella is a mini goldendoodle and will grow to be between 25 and 35 pounds. She is currently 18 pounds and was six pounds when we got her.

2. Where did you get her from?

We got her from a breeder in Virginia called Capital City Pups and it was the best experience! They made the whole process so easy. I FaceTimed them and they had a boy and girl left in the litter and I instantly fell in love with her. She had so much character and was so playful, which drew me to her. We purchased her and they shipped her out to Arizona for us and we picked her up at the airport in Phoenix. They did all of the coordinating, all I had to do was pay, let them know when I was available to pick her up, and then picked her up. She was SO excited to see us and freaked out in her kennel from afar right when she saw us. I would do the process all over again and definitely buy another puppy from Capital City Pups

3. Why did you choose a goldendoodle?

I chose to get a goldendoodle because I had wanted one since I was little. When I first heard about them, I was instantly obsessed with them and wanted my own. My whole Pinterest board is filled with goldendoodles and couldn’t pass her up when i saw her. I also did a lot of research about goldendoodles and knew she would be the perfect fit for us. Poodles are smart dogs and golden retrievers are the most loving dogs, which is the perfect combo. Ella is the most friendly dog and will be perfect around a family in the future.

4. Is it hard to have a puppy and work full time?

It can be challenging, yes, but I wouldn’t say it has been difficult. We have a play area connected to a crate for Ella to be in while we are both at work. We are both fortunate enough to come home for lunch everyday so she can spend time with us halfway through the day. I also make sure she goes on a long walk before or after work so that she gets time outside and at least gets some exercise. I feel guilty leaving her when I go to work, but we give her so much love and affection once we get home to make up for it. I will say it has been more difficult to potty train her because we aren’t at home with her 24/7 and able to take her out whenever we think she needs to go. She is fully potty trained though, minus a couple of accidents here and there so it hasn’t been too bad.

5. Tell me more about Ella

Ella is the most loving dog I have ever met and makes everyone smile when she runs up to them with her tongue out. She LOVES everyone and isn’t afraid to jump on our lick anyone. Although she is fully potty trained, she still loves to chew our furniture. She has so many toys, but would rather chew on barstools and the coffee table instead. Ella loves going for walks, meeting new people, and seeing her mom and dad come through the door after work. She also loves to play fetch and hide and seek. We love our Ella so much and hope she is enjoying us and much as we are enjoying her!

If you have more questions about goldendoodles, please feel free to message me or leave a comment!


Jonica and Ella



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