3 Closet Hacks to Make Your Week Easier

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I have a crazy busy schedule and I am constantly looking for shortcuts to make the little things in life easier. It can oftentimes be difficult trying to stay as organized as possible, especially during the week. My normal schedule is: wake up and take Ella for a walk, go to work, go to the gym, make dinner, do homework, then blog. I wake up around 6:30-6:45 am everyday and don’t usually stop until around 11 pm. With how busy I am, I rarely have time to do laundry or clean during the week, which means I have to get everything organized on the weekends.

I recently bought a clothing rack from Target and it is life changing! I now organize all of my work outfits by day on the clothing rack and also organize what I need to shoot for the blog, along with weekend outfits. This has been so helpful because I no longer waste time in the mornings searching for an outfit to wear and I also don’t forget about the outfits I need to shoot. Having a clothing rack in my little blog/homework office has been so convenient because it helps me plan my content and stay as organized as possible. I also think it is much easier to steam clothing when it is on a rack so this is where I do all of my steaming before the week starts.

I thought I would share the three products that have made my weekdays and mornings SO much easier and they’re all $20 and under.

1. The best clothing rack from Target:

I am about to buy another one because I am obsessed with the one I have now. This rack is only $20 and has wheels for on the go. Click on the image below to shop this clothing rack:

2. My favorite portable steamer from Target:

Ever since I got this portable steamer for Christmas last year, I bring it on every overnight with me. People have laughed at me before because I will go somewhere for a night and just whip out a steamer. Who likes wrinkled clothes though and no one has time to break out the ironing board and iron anymore! This steamer heats up in less than a minute, which is so convenient. Click the image below to shop my favorite portable steamer:

3. Velvet Hangers from Target:

Recycling my old plastic hangers was the best decision I have ever made. Plastic hangers not only take up way more space in your closet, but I felt like all of my tops would fall off of the hangers in my closet, which was such a pain. I absolutely love using velvet hangers because my shirts never slip off of them and I now have so much more room in my closet. Click on the image below to shop my favorite velvet hangers:

I also highly recommend checking out one of the amazing sewing machines via the link below! Buying a sewing machine has made my life so much easier, especially since I buy affordable clothing and it oftentimes rips. Check out all of the amazing sewing machines here: https://teachyoutosew.com/types-of-sewing-machines/

I hope these closet hacks help you during your busy weeks!





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