Why I Started Using an LED Face Mask for Skincare

I recently found this LED Face Mask on Amazon and have been absolutely loving it. This face mask uses natural light waves from LED lights to enhance the skin. LED light therapy for the skin has been so popular lately, but can be very pricey. I had been so interested in trying it, but couldn’t find a mask in my price range, until finding this one. I saw how affordable this mask was and looked at all of the great reviews on Amazon before purchasing this LED Face Mask. I love how easy it is to use and how much of a difference it has made on my skin. I started incorporating this face mask into my daily skincare routine after having numerous breakouts on a regular basis due to hormones. It has helped decrease my acne and inflammation tremendously.

The LED Face Mask uses 7 different colors to enhance your skin.

Red Light

Increases cell activity, promotes cellular metabolism, helps the skin secrete collagen fibrous tissue, promotes blood flow, increases skin elasticity, and helps shrink/close pores.

Blue Light

Inhibits inflammation, destroys acne causing agents to minimize acne and inflammation.

Purple Light

Treats acne and fresh sores and contains repairing and restorative properties.

Yellow Light

Adds energy to cells, promotes gland function, assists in the treatment of superficial skin diseases, and enhances skin immunity

Green Light

Promotes anti-aging, relieves stress and pressure from the skin, and smooths winkles and fine lines.

Aqua Light

Fights inflammation and relieves pressure from the skin.

White Light

Kick starts living tissue of metabolism and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The mask comes with a remote to change the time (I usually do 15 minutes), intensity, and power the mask on and off. It also comes with a charging cord, which plugs into a traditional outlet and the mask plugs into the remote via a USB. If you have been interested in LED light therapy for skin, I highly encourage you check out this mask!



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