The BEST sale of the year is finally here and it’s like Christmas Day! I absolutely love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have been shopping the sale well before I become a blogger. I love the sale because all of my favorite brands go on sale, which usually doesn’t happen at any other time during the year. I also love the sale because most clothing goes on sale after the season has already happened, as in, summer clothing usually goes on sale when summer is ending, fall clothing usually goes on sale when fall is ending, etc. BUT the Anniversary Sale features mostly fall and winter clothing for the upcoming seasons, so it is the perfect time to stock up!

If you are a Nordstrom credit card holder, you can start shopping today, which is amazing because you will get priority access to shop all of the items before the sale goes public (it’s like a VIP pass). You can apply for a Nordstrom Credit Card here. Once you are approved, you can begin shopping immediately. Oh, you also get a $60 note when you sign up, which is basically a $60 gift card and can be used towards the sale!

Tips for shopping the sale:

Shop online: I prefer to shop online simply because the stores can be INSANE during the sale. The stores are packed and the fitting rooms are also packed and hot, since everyone is shopping at the same time. I also prefer to be in the comfort of my pajamas with a coffee in hand, while I quietly shop the sale. If you are up for the crowds, it’s definitely an experience and you will get to try everything on.

Shop with a plan and budget in mind: I plan ahead and write down the items I want before I begin shopping. This allows me to shop with a purchase and not aimlessly browse the site. Aimlessly browsing can lead to missing out on purchases because items go fast and can also lead to spending a lot more than you had planned on spending because it is so tempting to keep adding items to your cart. I would make a list of what you are wanting before you start shopping, which will ease stress and allow you to stick to budget.

If you see something you like, buy it and don’t wait: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is very popular and SO many people will be shopping it, especially the first few days it goes live. If you see an item you like, buy it and don’t wait because it is very likely it will be gone the next time you go to buy it again. Nordstrom also has an amazing return policy so if you buy something and you don’t like it, you can definitely return it. Better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t be afraid to click around: This sounds obvious, but I made this mistake before I became a blogger and didn’t know how to shop the sale. I would scroll through the main page and see an item in a color I did not like, which prevented me from clicking on the item to see if it came in additional colors. Most of the time, everything you see on the site comes in additional colors and/or patterns so if you see something you like, but are unsure about the color, check to see if it comes in additional colors.

Here are my picks so far (in no specific order):

I will be updating my sale tab throughout the duration of the sale and will also be sharing all of my favorite items on my Instagram story so be sure to follow me: @sandytoesandsaltyhairblog and check back in on the blog to see what I am loving!

I will also be hosting a giveaway very soon, hint hint- it might have to do with the sale! Be sure to check Instagram to enter when the giveaway goes live.

I hope you all love the sale as much as I do! Happy shopping!




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