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Oh my goodness, it’s my WEDDING WEEK! Eeeeek I cannot believe I am actually typing these words right now. The past year and two months have been full of intense wedding planning and I am so excited/nervous for the big day this weekend! In honor of my wedding week, I wanted to share how I chose my beautiful veil (I can’t wait for you all to see the pictures of it after the big day) and how amazing the Sara Gabriel at home veil try-on process is!

We all know how stressful wedding planning can be, especially when you start realizing how many little details there are to plan and prepare for. During my wedding planning experience, I have learned how important it is to search for the most convenient options when completing tasks to ensure you don’t spend too much time on one checklist item. I had honestly been stressed out trying to figure out how I would find the time to drive two hours to Phoenix to go veil shopping, since I live in Northern Arizona where there are not too many shopping options, especially in regards to wedding items. I then found the Sara Gabriel website and was instantly relieved when I found out I could do at home try ons and have veils delivered right to my house! I chose doing at home try ons because I didn’t have to travel to another city to shop for veils, I didn’t have to visit multiple stores to find the perfect veil, I didn’t have to worry about being pressured to buy a veil in the store, and I was able to try on the veils in the comfort of my own home!

*All photos were taken with my iPhone to give you an accurate, real-life picture of the look of the veils* I also recommend trying the veils on with your dress because it will give you more of an accurate representation of what the veils will actually look like with your dress and the veils also look even more stunning with your dress on. I obviously have a robe on in these photos because I can’t share my dress until the big day 😉

Sara Gabriel allows you to try two veils of your choice on in the comfort of your own home. If you are loving two veils, but can’t make a decision between the two, this is the perfect option for you! This is also a great way to go if you are unsure if you should get a short or long veil and want to see how they will look with your dress. I was unsure of the veil type I wanted and doing the at-home try on definitely helped me make my decision. You can try each veil on for $24 each and are also given the option of choosing different lengths, tulle types, and colors on certain veil types, which I love! I also love how Sara Gabriel caters to all budgets and has so many beautiful and affordable veil options. As the wedding expenses add up, you shouldn’t have to choose an affordable veil that isn’t also a quality veil. Sara Gabriel veils are all of the absolute best quality and are all handmade at their warehouse in Denver, CO. Yes, you heard that right, no waiting for international shipping!

For my first at home try-on, I chose to try-on the Lillian veil and absolutely LOVED it! I’m actually shocked that I did not choose this veil because when I put it on, I definitely thought it was the one. This French lace veil is perfect for so many different dress styles and adds the most stunning detail to any dress. This veil contains a barely-there pencil trim, which transitions into a gently scalloped floral pattern that has been meticulously hand-cut and stitched to the edge of this picturesque veil. As you can see, the lace detailing is absolutely stunning (even in my robe) and lays perfectly. This veil is handmade in Denver, CO, is a 90″ classic shape, and approximately 108″at the widest point. The metal comb also comes already attached to the veil and is surprisingly comfortable to wear. For some reason, I always thought that the metal comb on a veil would be uncomfortable, but it’s definitely lightweight and easy to slide into your hair. I’m such a sucker for long veils and this one did not disappoint!

For my second at home try-on, I chose to try-on the Phoebe Veil, which I also loved! It is such a fun veil and adds so much character to any dress style. I think this veil would be perfect with a very simple or elegant dress. I love how it is tiered and falls perfectly. As mentioned, the veil is tiered, or cascade, which means there are two different “levels” or lengths of the veil, which is perfect for brides who want to cover their face with their veil while walking down the aisle, but don’t want to lose the veil effect in the back. The two tiers are 40″ and 90″ so the longer portion is the same length as the previous veil I tried on. I loved the crinoline ribbon along the bottom because it gives the veil a crisp finish and looks stunning with a wedding dress on. This veil is also approximately 108″ at the widest point and also comes with an attached metal comb, which is just as comfy as the one I discussed above! If you are wanting a stunning veil full of character, this veil is definitely for you!

I loved being able to try on the veils with my mom and we had so much fun deciding which one would look best with my dress. I cannot wait to show you all the veil I decided to go with (ps, it’s not pictured here because it is a surprise!) and I will be sharing a full blog post on my wedding day and you will be able to see how stunning the veil I chose is. I also love that you can search how real brides styled all of the veils by searching #lillianveil or #phoebeveil etc.! This was super helpful for me when I was deciding which veil styles would look best with my dress style.

I am so excited for you all to see the amazing veil I chose and I hoped you loved writing this post as much as I loved trying on veils from Sara Gabriel!




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