My Bachelorette Weekend in Palm Springs

I had the most incredible Bachelorette weekend with all of my best friends and family two weekends ago in Palm Springs, CA! I had originally planned on going to Palm Springs because I thought it would be a low key place to go, but there was nothing low key about the weekend (in a good way)! It was SO fun and wild, I think I might still be recovering, hence why I have a cold right now. I left bright and early on Thursday morning and went to the airport in Phoenix to pick up some of the girls flying in from other parts of the US. Palm Springs does have an international airport, but it tends to be much more expensive so definitely check the prices well in advance. After picking up the girls from the airport, we made a Starbucks pit stop in West Phoenix then hit the road to Palm Springs! It’s about a three and a half to four hour drive from Phoenix to Palm Springs, depending on traffic. The I-10 tends to get crowded during busy months so definitely plan accordingly. We got to Palm Springs around 3 pm and went to In N Out, of course because who goes on a West Coast road trip without an In N Out stop?!

Also, how cute is this cup Starbucks gave me?!
I usually get protein style, but I figured I needed some carbs for the night!

We made really good time getting to Palm Springs and some of the girls got to the house early to decorate so we went straight to Downtown Palm Springs and looked for somewhere with good drinks after the long drive! We found the cutest little restaurant called El Patron and we all got a $4 frozen house margarita! I’m not just saying this, but it was honestly the best frozen margarita I have ever had. I usually don’t order frozen margaritas, but I’m so happy I did because the flavor was amazing and perfect for the 110 degree weather. And who can beat that price?!

After our margarita pit stop, we made our way to the house, which was less than a mile from downtown (so convenient) and met up with the rest of the group! I could not believe how amazing the house was when we walked in. When we first pulled up to the house, we couldn’t tell how extravagant it was because it is completely gated in and tucked back to the mountain, which I loved for safety and privacy. The house was absolutely incredible and perfect for a large group! It had 5 private bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, which made it convenient for a bunch of girls who needed to get ready. It also sleeps 10 people, which is perfect for a family gathering or bachelorette party! The house used to be a bed and breakfast and all of the rooms were very separate from one another, which is always appreciated at a bachelorette party, especially if some people want to sleep and others want to stay up later. I could not believe how amazing of a job they did decorating the house! They made it look so beautiful and I loved the tropical theme for Palm Springs. We also loved the outdoor areas and pool areas. The pool was in the middle of the house, which we loved because we were given more privacy and it was a central location for everyone staying at the house. We of course brought a bunch of floaties and outdoor decorations. The house is called Villa Camelita- The Sonny & Cher House and is managed by Acme House Co. Prices vary by time of year so definitely plan ahead if you are wanting to stay here.

This was the master bedroom where my maid of honor and I slept!
This was the master bathroom, which had a full sized tub and shower

We also gave all of the girls their welcome gifts when we first arrived and it was so fun watching everyone open their gifts. I also opened mine and was so surprised when I saw all of the cute goodies in the bags! A post will be going live this week and I will be sharing all of the goodies inside of the bags in a separate blog post so stay tuned for that.

After opening our welcome bags and getting situated in the house, we all started getting ready for dinner and the night out. The theme was tropical night and everyone looked SO cute in their tropical outfits! It was such a fun themed night and was perfect for Palm Springs.

We went to Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill and it was the perfect dinner spot to host a large group. They had a harpist playing fun songs and we got to sing along and enjoy the atmosphere. I got a jalapeno margarita and it was delicious (but definitely spicier than what I’m used to!) and got a combination platter for dinner with a chicken mini burrito and a chicken enchilada. Both were so yummy! We also got a couple of orders of fresh guacamole for the table to share and the guac was AMAZING!

We then went out for the night and first went to Toucans Tiki Lounge then went to Village Pub, which was my absolute favorite place to go out while we were in Palm Springs. They had such great music and we all loved the atmosphere because there were other bachelorette parties and a younger crowd.

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Day Two:

We slept in and made breakfast at the house when we all woke up. After breakfast, we got in our swimsuits and spent the morning laying by the pool and swimming, which was so relaxing and fun!

We then got ready and went to our 3 pm reservation for Social Cycle. We all wore matching tank tops that my maid of honor customized from Customized Girl. They were so cute and the tank tops were perfect for cycling in 110 degree weather! Social Cycle was definitely the highlight of the trip, we all had an absolute blast and our tour guide made our experience so much fun. Our first stop on Social Cycle was to Chill Bar in Downtown Palm Springs, then peddled our way to RetroRoom Lounge and the owner made our experience so so fun! After that, we made our way to Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar and we all got a frozen drink, which was so refreshing after peddling in the heat!

After a couple of hours of peddling in the heat, we made our way back to the house and jumped straight in the pool when we got home! After swimming and showering, we started getting ready for another night out. We went to Antigua Kitchen & Bar for dinner and I absolutely loved the atmosphere! We sat outside and the decor was so cute and trendy. I split the Mykonos Greek Salad and Capri Pizza with one of the girls and it was the perfect amount for the two of us. The food was delicious and we still had leftovers between the two of us. I was so sick of alcohol that I ordered a water and not a drink for dinner haha! My sweet friend was unable to make it to my bachelorette weekend so she bought me the cutest bottle of champagne I have ever seen and they brought it to the table for me, such a thoughtful gift!

After dinner, we made our way to Azucar at La Serena Villas for a cocktail before going out for the night. I got a Blood Orange Margarita and it was so delicious and fresh! We also got a couple of orders of chips and guacamole for the table (cause what’s a marg without chips and guac?!). The restaurant was SO cute and had the most amazing atmosphere, I was obsessed with the decor and I am ready to go back. La Serena Villas is also so so cute and I would love to go back to Palm Springs and stay there someday! It’s such a quaint little hotel with the cutest rooms, beautiful pool, and the cutest decor. After dinner, we went back to Village Pub and danced our hearts out for the rest of the night!

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Day Three:

We woke up after a long night out and started getting ready for brunch. We all wore the cutest matching shirts from Shop Mellow Monkey and they were the perfect brunch shirts! I love the font and color of all of the shirts and thought it would be fun to do something different and get the bride and squad shirts. We went to Trio Restaurant for brunch and it was SO fun! It was the perfect spot for a bachelorette brunch and all of the staff was so friendly. They made our experience the best time ever and had delicious drinks and food. I got the bottomless mimosas and eggs benedict for my brunch food and drink and loved both of my choices, I highly highly recommend going here, especially for a bachelorette party!

After brunch, we went back to the house and spent the afternoon at the house and swam. We all wanted to soak up as much sunshine as possible and had so much fun in the pool with all of the floaties and each other.

We ended our final night with a lingerie shower at the house and ordered pizza & drank wine together. We played fun bachelorette games and got to spend the night hanging out together in our pajamas. It was so relaxing after three days of fun and two long nights out! If you do a three night bachelorette, I’d definitely recommend staying in the third night so you can all spend quality time together and not be hungover for the travel home.

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Day Four:

We woke up bright and early to deflate the floaties, clean the house, and pack our bags. Before leaving, I had to use the outdoor shower before I got ready and it was so cool! I’m always a big fan of outdoor showers and this one was the perfect addition to such an amazing home. We then loaded up the cars, stopped at Starbucks in Palm Springs and headed home!

I had the most incredible bachelorette weekend and highly recommend all of the places we went to while we were in Palm Springs! Palm Springs is such a fun place for a bachelorette party and would love to go back and visit soon. A huge thank you to all of the brands who made my bachelorette weekend so special! Stay tuned for a post tomorrow, which will cover all of the goodies that we all received in our welcome bags. To name a few of the brands I partnered with for bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs: Sassy Sash, Bash, Liquid IV, and more! I will be discussing all of the brands and goodies in detail tomorrow.

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