Valentine’s Day at Home

It was my goal to spend more time writing actual blog posts and I’m back again (for the second time this month, yay!) to share some at home Valentine’s Day cozy outfit ides and date night at home ideas. Throughout the pandemic (when I’ve had time away from working 24/7), Charlie and I have been enjoying creative date nights at home and it’s actually been really fun!

  1. Build a cozy fort and watch your favorite movie. Snacks are always a plus too!
  2. Wine or beer taste at home. We did this around the holidays and picked up a sample pack of holiday beers and created our own beer tasting. We even took notes on all of the beers then rated them at the end!
  3. Charcuterie board in the backyard or on a balcony. Now that we have a backyard, we love spending more time outside and have made charcuterie boards to enjoy on our patio!
  4. Game night. We love playing games together, especially Sorry, Life, and Bananagrams. We also love to play card games!
  5. Try a new recipe or do an online cooking class. Charlie and I got a KitchenAid stand mixer for our wedding and one of the attachments we received is a pasta roller and cutter. You can make homemade pasta without the mixer too! We use this cookbook when we make homemade pasta and have loved the ones we have tried so far. Another great option is to make homemade pizza or try a virtual cooking class!

At-Home Valentine’s Day Outfits

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